ATU Sponsors iACT 2016: Issues in Taekwondo History & Future Directions

The American Taekwondo United organization sponsored an Taekwondo educational conference this April 2nd, 2016, in San Francisco.

The conference was organized by iACT, an organization that focuses on “promoting and conducting various activities related to Taekwondo research, academics, and learning.”

The iACT, its sponsors and its donors celebrate both the contribution of our Taekwondo community to excellence in education and its significant impact on children and families throughout North America. World-renowned academic researchers from the United States, Germany and Republic of Korea will present on their areas of expertise and engage in a round table discussion of current hot topics in Taekwondo history. They are Dr. Hyeongseok Song, Keimyung University, ROK; Dr. Allan Back, Kuztown University, USA; Dr. Steven D. Capener, Seoul Women’s University, ROK; Dr. Udo Moenig, Youngsan University; ROK; and Dr. George Vitale, New York, USA. The iACT 2016 theme also celebrates Dr. Moenig’s latest publication, Taekwondo – From a Martial Art to a Martial Sport (London: Routledge, 2015).

Each of the five presenters will prepare a 35 minute presentation, to allow 5 minutes for Q & A. The keynote address will also be 35-40 minutes. And, after all individual presentations are done, there will be a roundtable discussion for approximately 60 minutes.

Other notable sponsors of the conference is the World Taekwondo Federation.

For more information, visit iACT website here.